Superdrop Premium Grease is of the highest quality. It’s base original colour is white and able to withstand high temperature up to 400°C


Application: Apply on all bearings and bearing clusters in the areas of front fork, hubs, pedals, bottom bracket cover …etc.


Unique Features:

1. Anti-Oxidation, excellent water resistant, shock resistance … Acts as an excellent sealant against external conditions.

2. Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion properties

3. High drop point, highly stable, effectively protecting the metal surface

4. Low propensity of sheering, ability to withstand sudden shock, hence able to reduce wear and damage

5. Unique property to withstand high pressure, forming a protective film around the metal surface preventing damage

6. Super slick lubricating property preventing damage from rotational friction and lock-up

7. Ability to withstand high temperature, acid, alkaline. Performs efficiently under the most extreme conditions






  1. 抗氧化,耐水性佳,抗震性強,可形成良好的密封性.
  2. 具防鏽及抗腐蝕性.
  3. 滴點高,穩定
  4. 變質,可有效保護金屬表面.
  5. 附著力強,耐陡震,可減少磨耗.
  6. 具耐極壓特性,可承受高負載而不傷金屬表面.
  7. 具超強的潤滑介面親和性,可防止金屬表面的異常磨損及膠著.
  8. 耐高溫,酸,鹼,可於惡劣環境下使用.





1.50g (照片放此處)

2.16oz (照片放此處)