O-Ring O型環

Superdrop O-Ring is mainly used on brakes and shifter cables, its main function is to prevent cables rubbing against the frame’s body resulting in damage to paint job.

1. Rear brake cable front-end

2. Rear brake cable back-end

3. Front shifter cable front-end

4. Rear shifter cable front-end

5. Rear shifter cable back-end

6. Pesta valve end


For brake cables ( diameter :4.5mm)

For shifter cables ( diameter:3.8mm)

Note: Our O-Ring is made from anti-oxidation and UV resistant material.


At each area put 3 to 6 O-Ring, you can mix and match different colours at the same area (E.g. Italy: 2 Red, 2 White, 2 Green; France: 2 Red, 2 White, 2 Blue; Germany: 2 Yellow, 2 Black, 2 Red ….etc)

*Use 1-2 on valve

Superdrop O-Ring主要是用在煞車或變速外管上,功能是和車架做隔離以免掉漆.

  1. 後煞車外線前端
  2. 後煞車外線後端
  3. 前變速外線前端
  4. 後變速外線前端
  5. 後變速外線後端
  6. 法式氣嘴端





*於每個點放3至6個O-Ring,你可以組合不同的顏色在同一個點(如:義大利:2紅,2白,2綠;法國:2紅,2白,2藍 ;德國:2黃,2黑,2紅……等)