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色彩自行車有限公司  台北市仁愛路一段4

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Superdrop Lubricants was developed and introduced on 2009 in Taipei by Mr Jack Chang from Colourful Cycles Ltd.

Our product manufacturing is based in MiaoLi, Taiwan. The plant originally specialized in professional cosmetic product research and development. We have a strong R&D team, consisting of more than 5 Chemical specialists with masters’ degree, working together in developing bicycle related lubricants and cleaning products.

We strongly believe in developing products that reduces harm to the environment and we adhere to it as our key guiding principle. Hence, we do not use aerosol spray cans and through relentless pursue of improvement, we hope to provide superior quality products to consumers.

Colorful Cycle Co.

No.4,Sec.1,Ren Ai Road,Taipei City,Taiwan   T:886-2-23959788   F:886-2-23959788   E-mail:colorful036@yahoo.com.tw

Superdrop 潤滑油是由”色彩自行車有限公司 張惠忠先生(Jack Chang)2009年創立於台北市.